Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. Daniel Leipold, The mold & die journal 5/2017

There is a vast amount of possible leverages to improve the organization of tool and mold makers in order to be prepared for present or future challenges. Despite known and routine analysis such as break-even calculations, there is a continuously growing tool set or methods to optimize production processes: E.g. industry 4.0, shop floor management for single part productions or phased, continuous production flow. All those topics are relevant and have to be considered for implementation at a time. The question simply is where to begin with.
A key to this problem might be to take into consideration the typical needs TOP Consult encounters at their customers sites:

  • How to ensure a smooth flow of materials throughout the production until the assembly of the mold/tool
  • This in regard to the best available technical plus economical production method for each piece of the bill of materials
  • Each part quality checked beforehand of any assembly process
  • A 100 % adherence of schedules – including a simple but informative overview of the parts being in production
  • What is the current use of the available capacities? Is there any chance to pack an additional project on top or are the resources already maxed out by the ongoing projects?